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Ch. 19 Population and Community Ecology Vocabulary

The number of births within a population at a specific point in time
The maximum number of individuals of a population that can be supported by the limited number of resources of a habitat
The number of population members divided by the area being measured is the population ____.
A ______ species is a species whose presence is key to maintaining biodiversity in an ecosystem and to upholding an ecological community's structure
Species distribution often done by plants when their seeds fall into favorable environments
A change in the environment caused by natural disasters or human activities
Species distribution often done by territorial animals
A symbiotic relationship between two species where both species benefit
The number of individuals in a population is the population ____.
a symbiotic relationship in which one member benefits while the other member is not affected
The competition among members of the same species
The _____ succession is succession in response to environmental disturbances that move a community away from its equilibrium
An organism a parasite lives on
The number of different species in a community
An adaptation to which an organism looks like another organism that is dangerous, toxic, or distasteful to its predators
The number of deaths within a population at a specific time
The distribution of the proportion of population members in each age class
A _____ species is a species which often forms the major structural portion of the habitat
An organism that uses resources from another species: the host
Species distribution often done by herds or schools of fish
The ______ succession is succession on land that previously has had no life