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Cell Structure and Function

Use your textbook pages 1-47 and your notebook to complete this crossword. 
Contains digestive enzymes
Group of tissues functioning as a whole
The E in the bacteria E. Coli
The - microscope has better resolution than others.
"instructions" for life; DNA is an example
A eukaryote that is often kept as a pet.
Ribonucleic acid; makes proteins; found in nucleus and cytoplasm
Type of carbohydrate
All - things are composed of cells.
Meat, fish, nuts eggs all contain -.
Proteins are transported through the --.
Carbon is an - found in living things.
Deoxyribonucleic acid; genetic material; found in the nucleus
Clarity and attention to detail
Bacterial -- do not have a cell wall.
Building blocks of proteins
These cells have chloroplasts and cell walls
Mitochondria convert - to energy
Smaller than milli
A group of bacteria; one species gives you a sore throat
Microscopes with more than one lens.
Our body is mostly -. Its reactions need water.
Fats and oils
One type of microscope
Genetic material; condenses to form chromosomes
Sugars and starches
Found in plant cells
Cells with a nucleus are ...
Also called the nuclear envelope
Group of cells working together
Packages protein for various cell functions
Cells without a nucleus are ...
Organelle that produces energy; has a double membrane
Discovered one celled organisms
You look through this
Named "cells" of cork
The shape or - of a cell depends on its function.
Our school mascot
Makes ribosomes