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Life Science 4

Control center of the cell
____ cells help plants regulate water loss
One-celled organism with no particular shape
Type of transport where cell uses energy
(2 words) additional boundaries found in some cells
The ____ vacuole removes excess water
Cell membranes have selective __
Type of transport where cells don't use energy
Number of layers the nuclear membrane has
Proteins are assembled here
____ are embedded in the cell membrane
"Powerhouse" of the cell
Cell "garbage collector"
Movement of water through a membrane
The cell ____ is the cell's covering
Van Leeuwenhoek called organisms he found in water ____
One type of molecule that goes through membranes easily
____ in the ocean is moved to organisms by active transport
There are 2 layers of ___ in the cell membrane
____ and proteins are too big to diffuse through a cell membrane
This apparatus reshapes and packages chemicals
Van Leeuwenhoek found that these come from eggs, not sand
These organelles have chlorophyll
Movement from greater to lesser concentration
These often have beautiful cell walls
Cells are often compared to ___
Parts of cells that perform functions to keep the cell alive
Cell "containers"
One of van Leeuwenhhoek's jobs
____ cells transfer messages