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Let's "Cell"ebrate Cells!

Josie Scarpella
a stiff structure outside the membrane
a flexible covering that protects the cell from the environment outside it
macromolecules that form when nucleotides join together
an organelle found in large numbers with biochemical process of respiration and energy production
the process of using sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into food
states that living things are made of one or more cells and cells come from preexisting cells
other structures with specialized functions
the smallest unit of life
a simple organic compound of carboxyl and amino
part of a cell that directs and contains genetic info in DNA
an organelle containing digesting enzymes enclosed in a membrane
long chains of amino acid molecules
a macromolecule made up of one or more sugar molecules
membrane-bound organelles that use light energy and make food in a process called photosynthesis
many small molecules joined together
long chain of molecules
fluid inside that contains salt and other molecules
group of atoms bonded together
a particle consisting of RNA and associated proteins found in large numbers
a large macromolecule that doesn’t dissolve in water