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Earth Science U2A

a large mass of hardened igneous rock beneath all layers of sedimentary rock
location on the earth's surface directly over the focus of an earthquake
volcano that is tall and steep; formed of lava and volcanic debris
igneous rock that forms in Earth's interior
arch-shaped, upward fold in rock
a lower block of rock between two normal faults
someone who creates maps
process of heat transfer by the circulation or movement of a gas, liquid, or plastic material
a volcanic island under sea that has been cut off by wave erosion
magma that has low viscosity and low silica and gas content; eruption is non-explosive
igneous rock that forms on Earth's surface
magma that is a mix of basaltic and rhyolitic; eruption may or may not be explosive
block of rock below the slant of a fault
mini-quakes that usually occur before a major earthquake
vertical intrusion of magma between rock layers
smaller earthquakes that occur after a major earthquake
an uplifted block of rock between two normal faults
specific point in the earth where the rock layers along a fault move, producing an earthquake
semi-dark line that indicates the ridge of a fold on a geologic map
provides direction of north, east, south, and west