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Earth Science U2B

instrument used to record and measure vibrations from earthquakes or earth tremors
a record of the time and intensity of the energy waves produced by an earthquake
process used to locate the epicenter of an earthquake
instrument used to measure ground swelling
horizontal intrusion of magma between rock layers
volcanic flow that contains a high concentration of gases, ash, and small rocks
cliff-like landform created by a normal fault
gassy smoke released by a volcano
intrusive rock that pushes its way between sedimentary strata in the shape of a dome
scientific study of earthquakes
magma that has a high viscosity and high silica and gas content; eruption tends to be very explosive
a ramp-like fold between flat rock layers at different elevations
measure of the total amount of energy released during an earthquake
U-shaped, downward fold in rock
wet soil behaves like a liquid and is no longer able to support buildings during an earthquake
an avalanche of water, mud, and other materials that a volcanic eruption can produce
ability of a substance to resist flowing
volcanic rock and debris that is blasted from a volcano during an eruption
the ratio of distance represented on a map to distance on Earth
an underwater volcano
the most powerful, explosive type of volcanic eruption
provides an explanation of lines and symbols given on a map