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Cell Transport

Unicellular organisms that lack membrane bound organelles.
The movement of molecules across membranes without energy input.
When water molecules pass through membranes.
Prokaryotes that are intermediate groups between bacteria and eukaryotes.
Spontaneous passive transport of molecules across membranes.
This process secretes substances from cells.
Particles move down this to areas of lower concentration.
Major structural component of membranes.
This process brings materials into cells through engulfment.
Cells use this process to bring fluids inside.
When solutions have equal osmotic pressure.
When only certain molecules can pass through a membrane.
A model that describes the macromolecule imbedment in membranes.
This process brings substances into cells.
The movement of molecules to higher concentration regions.
An activity that occurs outside of cells.
Cells that have nuclei and membrane bound organelles.
Cannot be penetrated by fluids.
Most standard bacteria are these microscopic prokaryotic organisms.
When molecules move to less dense areas.