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Memorial Day & More

Author: Salsa
Recall. On Memorial Day we __ the dead
United States. Memorial Day is an __ holiday
Plant pot is made of __
Symbolize. Crosses on tombstones __ faith in Christ
Once more. The dead will live __ in agony or ecstasy
Trumpet tribute
Notorious, shameful
Angry or nuts
Ashes vase
Comfort mourners
Bullet spree
Ominous Netherworld (ab)
Depart. It's hard 2 __ loved ones @ death
Let go. Into God's hands I __ your spirit. Psalm 31:5
Title. A tombstone inscription has the __ of the deceased
Snares. Lord, catch the wicked in their own __. Psalm 35:8
Sacred souvenir of the dead
Death tribute
Shrine, tombstone
Speed contest. Indianapolis 500 auto __
Rising from death. Christians have hope b/c of Jesus' __. 1 Peter 1:3
See trapeze acts, clowns & exotic animals here
Unthankfulness. Our generous God does not deserve __
Bible. __ is often read @ funerals
Igloo inhabitant
U.S. national cemetery
Enjoyment. Memorial Day is known both 4 funerals & __
Memories & Nostalgia Incorporated (ab)
Living. The dead will be made __ again in heaven or hell. John 5:29
Seashore. Nautical military, __ guard
Rest. All who __ in graves will rise 2 paradise or damnation. Daniel 12:2
Manage. Let Jesus __ my life
Eternal Remorse (ab)