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cell transport

Is composed of three basic parts
If it has the same concentration of dissolved particles as the cell (stays the same)
It allows some but not all materials across
Forms hydrogen bonds with water molecules
The diffusion of molecules across a membrane through transport protein
A susbtance that dissolves in a solvent
Tendency to mix, dissolve in or be wetted by water
Describes the arrangement of the molecule
Solution has a higher concentration of dissolved particles in a cell (swells)
A substance that is present in the greater amount that dissolves in a solvent
The movement across a semi permeable membrane from an area higher concentration
Difference in concentration of a substance from one location to another
The phosphoilds to arrange themselves
Maintenance of constant internal conditions
The concentration of molecules is the same throughout the solution but continue to move equally in both directions
Has a lower concentration of dissolved particles than a cell (shrinks)
Process of moving things outside the cell
Tendency to repel or fail with water
Movement of molecules in a fluid or gas from a region
No energy to move the molecule across the membrane
Faciliate that transports substances across the cell membrane
Process of taking things inside a cell
A mixture of substances that is the same throughout