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Kakie's Unit 2 Earth Science Crossword

Occurs in the Fall and Spring when the center of the Sun is directly above the Equator
Is an estimate of the position of an object
The earth rotates on its axis at a ____ which gives us seasons
1st and 3rd quarter moons occur when it's a _____tide
When the sun, earth and moon all line up
Is the lighter area surrounding the shadow of the moon
Is what holds us on the earth
The sun produces light called _____& _______ and one we get in summer and one we get in winter
Is the moon's orbit around the earth
It takes 365 days for the earth to make one _____around the sun
The rise and fall of water at the coastline influenced by the moon
Occurs in summer and winter when the sun reaches it's highest or lowest point in the sky at noon
This picture represents_____
Is the darker portion inner portion of the moon's shadow
We have 4 ___________in a year
Means when the moon is getting larger
Is the resistance of the object to change in its motion
Is an estimate of distance from one object to another
Is the turning of one object around another in an ellipse
1st and 3rd quarter moons occur when it's a _______tide
When the sun, moon and earth all line up
This picture respresents-
The action of rotating around an axis or center
New and full moons occur when it's a ______tide