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Math Fun

Teacher: Mrs.morre
the relative sizes of two or more values
A line on a graph showing the general direction that a group of points seem to be heading.
The amount of turn between two straight lines that have a common end point
An equation says that two things are equal
A graphical display of data using dots.
a2 + b2 = c2
Use to find the distance of a line
The distance around a two-dimensional shape
A value that "lies outside" (is much smaller or larger than) most of the other values in a set of data.
X or any letter
An image or shape as it would be seen in a mirror.
Base x height
Two lines on a plane that never meet.
A number used to multiply a variable
y = mx+b
Can give you Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4
A circular movement
that two values are not equal.
The same shape and size
How steep a straight line is.
The difference between the lowest and highest values.