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Awesome Adjectives

Taking the MCAS test is an _____________ task. It is difficult and not particularly pleasant.
Last Friday, it seemed to Mrs. Markey like every student in the 6th grade was chewing gum. Gum chewers were everywhere! They were ____________.
The jury did not believe the witnesses story because it was so _____________ and did not make a lot of sense.
Try to be a ______________ student. Always do your classwork and your homework, and study for every test.
Marcus was late coming back up from lunch because he took a very ____________ route from the cafeteria to the classroom.
My mom is ____________ about our home. She keeps the floors, windows, and counter tops shiny clean. She never lets of leave our clothes or toys laying around.
It was ________ to believe he would win the city wide spelling bee just because he scored 100% on his last spelling quiz.
Mrs. Markey talking: "I have a lot to carry into school everyday--my computer, my bag full of books and notebooks, my lunch, my coffee. Carrying all these items is really _____________.
My mother told my brother and me that if we didn't stop arguing, she was going to pull over and make me get out of the car and walk home. I knew she wasn't serious. I knew she was just being ______________.
The little girl stared out the window and thought. Rain always made her feel ___________.