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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Grade 8, lesson 4

Name: ___________________________________
8 P /O  # __________
Making a false oath
A thought, word, or act that makes fun of or shows contempt or hatred for God, the Church and the saints.
The very center of our life and worship as Catholics
Giving worship to a creature of thing instead of God
God gave these to the Israelites after freeing them from slavery.
The holy place in Jerusalem where Jewish people gather.
Prayer from the book of Deuteronomy
Calling on God to do harm to someone
To make holy
Jesus' suffering, death, and Resurrection, and Ascension.
Honor, love, and respect
One rejects or denies the existence of God
The day set apart to honor God.
Ten Commandments
Scholars of the law during the time of Jesus
The Lord's Day, the day Jesus rose from the dead