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Culture Clash - Per. 1 & 4

Teacher: Ms. Johns - ELD
To trade gifts. Exchange items.
To be very rich, to have a lot of gold or money.
The Aztec were tough _____ because they forced people to give them food, gold and other valuables.
"Soon the Aztec started to ______ their neighbors."
Special ceremonies typically performed for religious reasons.
"_________ conquered land for Spain, to add the land to the Spanish Empire."
A Roman Catholic holy man.
When a person has been exposed to a disease before and survives, they develop a resistance to the disease.
Blood relatives from long ago / previous generations.
"A taco is an example of how cultures can ______."
A horrible, infectious disease that killed tens of thousands of Aztecs. A major cause of the defeat of the Aztec Empire.
To cause an effect. A catalyst.
"The _____ ended the Aztec Empire and Mexico became part of New Spain."
"After 1521, Mexico slowly developed a new _______."
"Tenochtitlán was the _______ of the powerful Aztec Empire."
Metal suits to protect soldiers in warfare
Each side had its strengths. The Aztec hugely ______ (had many more soldiers than the Spanish) and were fighting on familiar ground.
"So Cortés decided to lead his army into the center of the Aztec _____."
"_______ between the two groups erupted into bitter warfare that lasted two years."
"Dozens of buildings stood around the ______."