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4.2 Animal Science Vocabulary

Related to the heart.
Multiple stomachs or stomach compartments.
Located or existing on the inside.
The act of breathing.
The organs of the body that produce offspring; specifically male or female.
Type of tissue that contains cell material with the specialized ability to contract and relax.
A distinct part of a living organism that carries out one or more specific functions; can be internal or external.
Animals with a spinal column or backbone. Examples include fish, birds, and mammals.
The region of the tarsal joint in the hind leg of animals, corresponding to the ankle in people.
A firm but pliant type of tissue forming portions of the skeleton such as the ears and tip of nose.
One stomach or stomach compartment.
Cellular tissue covering all the body surfaces, including glands and organs.
Groups of cells that work together to perform a common function, such as muscle, cardiac, connective, and epithelial tissues.
The science dealing with the function of the body, organs, systems, tissues, and cells of living organisms.
The pulsatory movement of blood in the body in a loop.
Any tough, dense, fibrous, strong tissue terminating a muscle and attached to a bone for leverage purposes.
The changes that food undergoes within the digestive tract to prepare it for absorption and use in the body.
A piece of the skeleton or vertebrate.
Any tough, dense, fibrous band that connects bones to each other or supports viscera.
Located or seen on the outside.
The branch of biology that deals with the structure of organisms.