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Moses Part 3

God protected the Israelites from the Angel of Death by instructing them to paint this on their front door so it would pass over their houses
God sent 10 of these to show His power to Pharaoh so he would change his mind and let His people go
God made a certain type of animal all die in Egypt
When he Israelites got to the other side, they sung a worship song to God and thanked Him for setting them ____!
God sent swarms of these bugs to cover the land
God sent these to cover the land when Moses stretched his hand over it. They died and stunk
God made this kind of sore appear on all the Egyptians and animals
Pharaoh demanded Moses to prove his God by showing a
God turned Moses' staff into a
God sent this type of bug to cover the land and they ate up all the trees
God turned the water of the Nile River to this when Moses placed his staff in it
When Moses stuck his staff into the sea it _____ in two