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Plant Vocabulary #1

Process by which plants get larger and tissues differentiate
Underground fern stem
Plant organ that supports apical meristems
Seed-holding structure in gymnosperms
Biological process by which offspring are produced from parents
Another term for gymnosperms
Flowering plants
Small, nonvascular plants with no true roots, stems or leaves
Process by which plants break down sugars to make ATP
Vascular plant that reproduces with spores
Vascular plant that has "naked seeds" - also called evergreens
Bryophyte that needs water to reproduce with spores
Root-like structure in bryophytes
Reproductive structure in angiosperms - will develop into fruit
Common name for Pteridophytes
Gymnosperm leaf
Fern spores found on the underside of leaves
Process by which water moves through a plant from roots through stomata
Process by which plants utilize energy from the sun and inorganic compounds to make carbohydrates
Emerging frond of a fern
Plant organ that is the man site of photosynthesis
Anchoring organ of plants