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Grade 7 AmHist Chapter 2, Sections 1&2

Economic system that increased money in a country's treasury by creating a favorable balance of trade
Italian sailor who explored what is now the Americas
Person sent by the Church to convert Native Americans to Christianity
Spanish soldier that explored the Americas and claimed land for Spain
Founder of fur-trading post at Quebec
Italian sailor who sailed for the French with hopes of finding an all-water route to Asia
French sailor who sailed up the St. Lawrence River to present-day Montreal
Sailing ship
First permanent French colony in North America
Italian navigator who looked for a faster water route to Asia
First permanent Dutch colony in North America
Conquistador who defeated the Inca
English explorer who sailed for the Dutch and landed at the coast of present-day New York
Conquistador who brought the Aztecs to ruin
People or nations involved in a pact or treaty
Italian sailor who sailed for the English and is believed to have landed in Newfoundland, Canada