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Memorial Day Tunes

Author: Salsa
Fight. "Glory, glory hallelujah! His truth is marching on" is chorus of __ Hymn of the Republic
Untamed. Air Force sings: "Off we go into the __ blue yonder!"
In favor of
Either __
Combat. Army's song: 1st to __ 4 the right & 2 build the Nation's might
Angry, turbulent. Seas & battles can be __
Corridors. "From the __ of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli."
Monarch. "Glory, laud & honor unto Christ the __." Onward Christian Soldiers
Eternal. Ask Jesus 4 4giveness 2 enjoy __ life. John 3:16
In the Civil War, __ soldiers tried to keep U.S. united
Tribute. Sing military hymns on __ Day
Male pronoun
Flying military that sings: "Off we go into the wild, blue yonder"
Reject. If U __ Christ now He'll __ U later
United States __ America
Muslim. The world is fighting __ terrorism
Courageous female soldier
R.I.P.= __ In Peace
Ahead. Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on __
Yank. __ of war
Deadly. Wars R __
Adoration. Sing Memorial Day hymns @ a __ service
Wood chunk. Put a __ on the campfire
Imbibe. "Anchor's aweigh... __ to the foam until we meet once more" Navy tune
Who needs 2 B saved by Jesus?
Mimic. Kids watch parades then __ soldiers
Departed. We mourn pets & people when they R __
Travel. "I may never __ in the Calvary, but I'm in the Lord's army"
Warm season. Memorial Day is the unofficial start of __
Defense. "We sing on land & sea through surf & storm" is Coast __ song
Gathering. Sing hymns @ a prayer __
Integrity. "Keep our __ clean" Marine song
Justice. "1st to fight 4 __ & freedom" Marine song
Southern slow speech
Navy brass might cruise on a luxury __
Coast Guard marching song: We sing on land & __