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A Work of Art

Author: Jennifer Hootman
________ with Poplars is an 1875 oil on canvas painted by Claude Monet
This American painter created the 1945 oil on hardboard work, Belvedere
This French painter created the 1890 oil on canvas work, At the Moulin Rouge: the Dance
This American artist created an oil on canvas in 1903 called In the Garden
The 1889 painting, The Olive Trees, is a good example of this artist's post-impressionist style
This American photographer and reporter took photographs depicting life in New York tenements in the late 19th century such as Night in Gotham Court
This American painter created the 1943 oil on canvas work, Hotel Lobby
The American photographer, Dorothea Lange, took this famous 1936 photo featuring a mother and her two children
This photographer created the 1933 print, Trees and Snow
This 1889 painting by Georges Seurat of the famous Paris landmark is a good example of pointillism
This 1874 oil on canvas work by Édouard Manet features a man and woman in a boat
This French artist created the famous bronze sculpture, The Thinker