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Social Psychology: Chapter 5 Terms

(*) after a clue indicates two word answer with no empty grid space between the words
Identities related to social groups to which we belong*
Information from others about our abilities used to derive mastery*
In social identity theory, the process through which we draw sharp dividing lines between group membership categories and assign people (including ourselves) to relevant categories
A process in which we construct a sense of who we are through interaction with others
Our ability to shift aspects of the self to become more or less important to our overall self-concept*
Using other people as a point of reference for our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors*
A temporally based sense of who we are*
The social construction of identities through the use of personal stories*
Dimension of the Twenty Statements Test referring to our feelings and traits like being shy or nice*
Part of dramaturgical sociology referring to the region where we relax our impression management efforts
Our sense that we are important to other people in the world
The internalized expectations associated with different positions*
The ways individuals seek to control the impressions they convey to other people*
A form of self-definition used in social identity theory based on our group affiliations*
Inferences about our abilities based on our emotional states that we use to build our sense of mastery*
Our internalized, stable sense of who we are
Our perceptions of our ability to control things important to us