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Cell Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Mrs. Javorek
Movement of dissolved materials across a cell membrane without using the cells energy
Compounds that are made mostly of carbon and hydrogen and some oxygen
A type of sac, stores food, water, and other materials needed by cell
Converts energy stored in food to energy the cell can use
Carry out specific functions within a cell
Form the parts of an organism and carry out all of its functions
Control center of cell
An organelle with a network of membranes that produce many substances
Explanation of the relationship between cells and living things
An instrument that makes objects look larger
The shape of a DNA molecule
Made of one cell
Form when two or more elements combine chemically
Compounds made of the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, rich in energy
Speed up chemical reactions in living things
Large organic molecules made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sometimes sulfur
Some substances can cross the membrane while others cant
Small organelles that produce proteins
Rigid layer that surrounds the cell of plants and some other organisms
Made of different kinds of tissues that function together
A group of organs that work together to preform a major funciton
A group of similar cells that work together to preform a specific function
The movement of materials across a cell membrane using cellular energy
A genetic material that carries info about an organism and is passed from parent to offspring
Very long organic molecules
Filling in region between cell membrane and nucleus
The cell membrane changes shape and engulfs the particles
The diffusion of water molecules across a selectively permeable membrane
Made of many cells
Controls which substances pass in and out of cell
Any substance that cannot be broken down