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Exercise & Health Psych Crossword #2

Slower, more deliberate, and more logical thinking
a person's estimation of the level of challenge of social, personal, environmental, and economic obstacles to a specified behavior or their desired goal status on that behavior
The sum of influences that the surroundings, opportunities, or conditions of life have on promoting obesity in individuals or populations
The immediate environment of an individual
A continuum including mentally unwell, mental health conditions, and mentally healthy
Clinical diagnosis for depressed mood
Convenience availability factors, environmental ecological factors, physical limitations
Fast, instinctive, and emotional thinking
Humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life
1. autonomy 2. to demonstrate competence/mastery 3. relatedness or social interaction
To obtain an external reward for behavior, or to avoid punishment
1. undertake difficult/impossible self-change task 2. experience some success in the beginning 3. ultimately fail 4. interpret failure as inevitable; with some adjustments they will be successful 5. renewed effort
A disorder that can occur after experiencing a traumatic event
the larger societal forces of the environment that affect the microenvironment
Chronic form of depression with an increased susceptibility to major depression
The degree to which people believe they have control over the outcomes of events in their lives
community level of the environment
the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body
obsessions, such as recurrent thoughts or images, followed by compulsions that elicit anxiety
Factors that lead to changes in behavior