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An eco system found only on land
Animals that only eat meat
A food chain shaped like a pyramid
Living things
Helps filter and catch pollution
Bears bids rabbits and deer live here
A big body of water that has saltwater
A mix of salt and fresh water
More than one food chains put together
A group of biotic things
It is hot, humid and found near equator
An animal that breaks down its food
All living things needed to grow
An animal that only eats plants
Living things that depend on other living things
Non living things
Create their own energy
A model that shows energy flows between living things
Biotic and abiotic factors in the same place
Using light from the sun water and carbon dioxide
Shallow water, near beach
Animals that eat meat and plants
A smaller body of water that has fresh water
Further from beach, deep water
Located in africa
An ecosystem only in water
Flat area of land that overflows with salt water