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Science Instruction 417

Because children are curious about everything in their in their physical world it makes them this
The central focus, and is the heart of a learning cycle inquiry lesson plan
The relationship between attitudes, interests, achievement, and the perception of one's successes
When teachers plan specific questions, ask questions as simple/concisely/directly as possible, ask questions before selecting who should answer it creates this
Are essential predispositions that help learners to channel natural curiosity into positive ways of knowing their world
Duty to protect your students
A process by which each learner compensates mentally for each dilemma
Engage, exploration, explanation, expansion, evaluation
Consists of what scientists (and young learners) discover and share with others, which can be used for developing new inventions with practical benefits
Direct contact with materials that spark curiosity and provide opportunities
Provides concrete visual aids to help organize information before it is learned
Allowing time for a student to decode the meaning of a question
There can be no experimentations without these
The lesson we plan or select will involve learners in numerous processes of inquiry and the development of essential thinking and problem solving skills
These should be clearly written and explained to students
Partial mastery of knowledge and skills that fundamental for performing proficient work at each grade
Have a specific purpose for the demonstration, plan carefully, involve the students when possible, stimulate thinking and discussion, repeat the demonstration, use simple materials, keep the demonstration easily visible, connect with the students environment, rely on quality/not quantity
Are the mental tools for inquiry that scientists use to construct new ways of investigating and understanding
Conduct that falls below a standard establishment by law or profession to protect others from harm
Materials manager, recorder, reporter, maintenance director
May provide benefits for the teacher, the science program and future lesson planning
Things that can affect the outcome of an experiment
Superior performance