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Module 6 Vocabulary

Gently touching another animal with its nose and mouth.
Something that applies to everyone.
Having a better, sharper, and more developed sense.
Not noticing when something is about to happen
To show your teeth in an angry way.
Something that cannot be seen.
When you say something loudly and forcefully.
When you jump on something suddenly and hold on to it.
When an animal breaks out of its shell by itself.
Someone who helps another person do his or her own work.
Small openings on the side of your nose that are used for breathing or smelling.
Insects that have just hatched and haven’t yet changed to their adult form .
A period of time between two dates.
Something that is heavy and hard to carry or wear.
An animal that is hiding while it waits to catch another creature.
Something that can bend or change shape without breaking.
Not doing something.
Leaving something in a certain place.
A tube or hose that is used to pull liquid in or out.
When someone or something grows bigger or older.
A small area where one grows a type of plant.
When an insecet loses their outer covering, such as skin or feathers.
A place where babies or young children are cared for.