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Africa and Mesoamerican Crossword

This Spanish explorer was able to conquer the Incas in 1532
artificial floating islands that the Aztecs farmed on
Axum used sailing ships called _____ to expand trade in the Red Sea & Indian Ocean
The King of Ghana collected taxes from controlling the Gold-________ Trade
The Incas practiced this kind of deformation as a part of their religion
Ball Game played by the Mayans
Major city for the Aztecs, also its capital city
This was one of the greatest rulers of Mali who Made a massive pilgrimage to Mecca Gave away gold along his entire route
1st established culture in Mexico Known for statues of enormous heads
These were Andean stringed knots used to record stories
Aztecs built these kind of temples with human sacrifices held on top to please the gods
This was one of the major cities for the Incas
Is a type of religion in which you worship more than one god
This disease killed many of the Incas
This city becomes a center for trade & learning Islamic university, established as a scholarly center for Africa
The Incas were located in this mountain range
This Aztec emperor was taken hostage by the Spanish that lead to the demise of the Aztecs
powerful East African Empire from 350-600 Converted to Christianity and then to Islam
Songhai makes this city their capitol