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Sociology Founders

The means of production in a sector is the most important thing. Change through conflict
People are basically evil, need protection from themselves
Symbolic Interactionalism
Manifest is the intended function, latent is unintended
Spirit of the laws, divide government for protection
Versteshen or insight is important to understand behavior Religion is powerful and effects sociey
Need to understand society, as it is, not what it ought to be. 1st to use Sociology
Sociological Imagination- Ask Any Question.
Everything has a function in society
Translated Comte, wrote 1st book on research
Survival of fittest
Most intelligent, ambitious people rise to top (Darwinism) Discredited
Social integration (Bonds hold society together)Social Moral Consenus
People are basically good, life, liberty, and pursuit of property
scientific study of human social relations or group life.