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An Art Menagerie

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Artist known for his paper cut-outs
Artist who had the condition described in number 3 down
The array of colors an artist uses. This word is sometimes used to name the actual surface on which the colors are arranged
Famous actor whose father was an artist (full name with spaces)
Artist profiled in the 5th Artist Profile; his work is described as dream-like and poetry; blue, red, green, and yellow were his 'go-to' colors
The museum in New York that launched a grand "re-opening" in October 2019
A "geometrical" style of art for which Picasso is well-known
The condition that may cause a person to associate colors with music
Museum in Paris, France
This artist cut off his ear. (last name only, with spaces)
Mona Lisa and DiCaprio have this in common
Last name of the artist profiled in the first Artist Profile; rhymes with Sing
Andy Warhol is known for this style of art