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Quarter 4 Vocab ( Physics )

Author: Nicholas Harp
The ability to resist electrical current.
The unit for electricity.
Wave consisting of periodic movement of matter.
Allows the flow of electricity, allows it to pass
Newton wrote 3 laws about this.
The ability of an object to resist movement.
How quick an object is moving
Waves containing electric and magnetic waves traveling the speed of light.
Known to be the reason of sound and even light.
The stored energy of an object
Sometimes stars become this at the end of their stage.
Speed and direction of an object
Force of gravity on an object
How often a wave repeats its pattern.
How loud or soft a sound is
Sound waves are considered this.
Light waves are considered this.
Product of an objects mass and velocity
The matter of which a wave travels in.
The flow of electrons
Energy of object due to motion/
Particle aspect of waves
The rapid movement of matter, known for creating waves.
When the net force on an object is zero.
The length of a wave.