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Culture Review

Believe in one God
A "religion" in which those that practice believe everything even inanimate objects have a soul.
The type of diffusion that could be used to describe a meme that goes viral.
Adopting just parts of the dominant culture.
Pieces of culture that cannot be seen (beliefs, values)
Physical evidence of a culture (clothing, housing, tools)
The Hearth of Judaism & Christianity
The outcome of the interaction between humans and their natural environment creates a cultural _________.
A restriction based on social custom
When you see the evidence of multiple cultures/groups who have each left an influence on the landscape.
A boundary between different languages.
Religions that do not seek to convert and people are typically born or adopted into, such as: Hinduism & Judaism
A mixture of two languages that has developed with a vocabulary and grammar rules.
A common language spoken by people who do not share a common native language. (Often English)
The type of diffusion that can be used to describe when fashion trends are spread from large cities to rural areas.
Belief in the superiority of your own culture
The type of diffusion that can be used to describe taking the Yiddish word for properly prepared food and using it in English to mean it's "Cool".
Variations on a language influencing the pronunciation, grammar, usage, & spelling.
A system that is used to categorize and restrict people in the Hindu society.
The place on earth where cultural elements originate from.
An architectural feature found on Mosques, which serve as a piece of the Islamic cultural landscape
Believe in more than one God
The type of diffusion that can be used to describe when a Japanese immigrant builds a Shinto shrine in Wyoming.
A type of culture which is exclusive to a local mostly homogeneous group.
A neighborhood in which nearly everyone belongs to the same ethnic group often a result of chain migration. (Chinatown)
Adopting all of the dominant culture.
A type of Culture which spreads quickly through large areas and is common of large heterogeneous groups.
Religions that seek to convert, such as: Christianity, Islam
A creolized language that formed from English & African dialects due to slavery and is mostly found in the Rural Southeastern States.
A simplified mixture of two languages.