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Sea Life Crossword Puzzle

A Product of Whimsical Writers 
invertebrate animal such as a snail, clam, or mussel
known for being slow to move, lives in a scaly shell and it can pull its head and thick legs back into the shell
made by a mollusk for protection, the outer coverage the animal lives in
large aquatic mammal with a rounded tail flipper
large water bird with a large bill for scooping up fish
a marine animal with a gelatin type body that appears to float on the water, has tentacles that sting
a bird that has short legs and has white and grey feathers, lives near the ocean
mammals that live in the ocean, have a beaklike snout and a curved fin on the back
a long legged bird (heron) with mostly white feathers
a sandy or pebbly shore, especially by the ocean
lives in a shell with 5 pairs of legs, the first pair are pincers