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Sort 34 Latin Roots

Teacher: Jamie
What 'fax' means. (2,4)
The meaning of 'man'
What 'cred' means (2, 7)
Unwilling or unable to believe something
What 'scrib' or 'script' means (2,5)
An exact copy
Believeable, convincing
An instruction written by a doctor allowing a patient to receive certain medicines. (noun)
A (usually old) object made by a person
To make lots of something (usually using machinery)
To 'write across' or put ideas, speech etc into written form
Get your toenails done so they look nice
A document that is written by hand (not printed)
Carefully planned series of moves that require skill.
Authorise in writing the use of (a medicine or treatment) for someone. (verb)
An official order when someone (or a group) is handed the power to do something (usually a service to others)
The (permanent) writing or carving found on an object. (verb)
A person who copies out documents or write what is said.
Harm someones reputation or an idea so others don't believe in them.
Animal dung used to help crops grow better
Get your fingernails done so they look nice
Help to make something easy or easier
When you pay in advance so that you will receive something in the future.
An extra written comment at the end of a letter or after an event happened.
Messy writing, drawing or colouring in
Believing or accepting that something is true
Extraordinary or difficult to believe.
To write or carve (words or pictures) on something. (Verb)
A place where goods are made
Done by hand