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Physical Science 6

Compared to other materials, water has a ___ specific heat
Transfer of heat by direct contact
As the kinetic energy increases, the _____ motion increases
As molecular motion increases, ____ increases
2 words - Amount of energy needed to increase 1 kg 1 degree K
In an engine the stroke that gets rid of the burned gas/air gasses
_____ energy
In an engine the stroke that squeezes the air/gas together
Transfer of heat by electromagnetic radiation
A ___ air system has a fan
It seems warmer on a ____ day than a dry day
Part of a refrigerator that gets warm
Transfer of heat through a fluid
Used to measure heat exchange
This evaporates in order to cool us
Solar heating can be ____ or active
In an engine the stroke that draws in air/gas
Conducts heat poorly
A ___ heating system has no fan
In an engine the stroke that drives the engine