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What Do You Know About Biology?

Teacher: Dyer
Half the normal number of choromosones
6 carbon sugar produced during photosynthesis
Variable that is changed or manipulated
Material that composes cell wall of a mushroom
Compose all living things
Can be counted
Relationship in which one organism benefits and the other is harmed
Proposed the shape of DNA and the method of replication
Acts a a base line or comparasion
Cellular respiration that requires oxygen
Study of living organisms and the interaction with their environment
Structure for phototsynthesis
Organisms that makes its own food
Process in which cells divide for repair, replacement and growth
Appearance of an individual
Composed of a 5-carbon sugar, phosphate and a nitrogenous base
Acts as a catalyst
Predicts the % outcome of future generations
Shape of DNA
Site of protein synthesis
Version of a gene
Organisms that cannot make its own food
Mutated cell growth
Type of microscope that uses a light source
Process that produces chromosome reduction
Father of genetics
Same alleles
Carbon containing molecules
Energy molecule produced in the mitocondria