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Chapter 6 Bacteria (Life Science)

BJU 5th Edition
The most common nutrient on earth
These whip-like structures help bacteria to move
Bacteria form these in order to survive
Bacterium's DNA is suspended in this
This structure produces proteins that bacteria need to survive
Bacteria normally reproduce by:
The slimy coating that covers a bacteria's cell wall
A process that changes food so that harmful bacteria cannot grow on it as quickly
Function of the capsule: prevent bacterium from becoming ____
Small, often circular strands of DNA
Bacterium lack this
This structure protects the bacterium's DNA and ribosomes
Bacteria in soil help in the important task of ____ nitrogen
Bacteria that are responsible for recycling matter from waste allowing the nutrients to be reused
Archaea differs from bacteria in that their cell walls lack this molecule
The microscopic bacterial, viral, and fungal cells that inhabit your body
Mammals that have a special chamber in their stomachs that contain the bacteria necessary to break down cellulose
Bacteria's plasmids are seperate from the main ___
Some bacteria reproduce every ___ minutes
Number of shapes of Archaea