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Life Science 6

One form of asexual reproduction
There are about ___ types of amino acids
Amoebas reproduce by binary fission about every ___ days
Combined with Crick to discover structure of DNA
At the end of ___ there is one chromosome of each type
Nuclear membrane disintegrates
Sister chromatids separate
Sister _______
Groups of genes
Amino acids combine to form ___
Type of RNA that brings amino acids to the ribosome
Chromosomes in the middle of cell
Bread mold reproduces using these
DNA and RNA have different ___
Nuclear membrane is rebuilt
In RNA, ___ replaces thymine
Genes/chromosomes are duplicated
Type of RNA formed in the nucleus
____ combine to form DNA & RNA
At the end of ___ there are two chromosomes of each type
Blueprints or instructions
A _____ of fibers helps guide the chromosomes