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South Africa Geography

Which people fought with Great Britain over South Africa until it was unified in 1992
A corn porridge
The name of the world's largest waterfall by volume of water at 200,000 gals per second
The belief by some people that animals, plants, and water have spirits
Which land-locked kingdom uses dams to gain hydroelectric power from the Drakensburg Mountain rivers flowing through
A south African Dutch or German
The Congo River area of West Africa is the 5th largest producer of this tree root
The man who fought against apartheid and later became the first black president
African meatloaf
This Cape was named by the difficulty it took ships to get around the southern tip of Africa
African stew with peppers, cabbage, and no meat.
One country with Spanish language is _________ Guinea
This Scottish doctor was a missionary and explorer of Africa who discovered a grand waterfall
This country was settled by the Portuguese and is mostly Christian
The country that was colonized by Great Britain and is currently Zimbabwe
This group of Africans are descended from the Dutch
Racial segregation based on color
The country where life expectancy is only 34 years due to diseases.
One of two countries never colonized by Europe and where freed slaves were sent in 1882 to recolonize
The fly that carries disease in Africa
Called the "slave post" because of the 16 th century slave trade by Europeans