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Antoines Crucigrama

Seven days equals?
One season, six letters
You have to have it in each class to take notes
The opposite of being a messy student
Spelled the same, pronounced differently in english. She wore her normal shorts today
He can really draw pictures
He is a student
I.. going to finish y work
It is a conjunction. You should never start a sentence with it
Can no longer wait
What do we call our female elders
She is very talented
It means equal to. Something we should treat one another
It is made up of 365 days
Finish the saying Peek-ah-boo I.....
Its a game ''Truth or Dare''
Opposite of ''the girl''
Im calm after waiting for hours in line
Thank You
Female teacher
He is the opposite of clean or organized
He is my friend
We sit a one each day in class
It consist of 31 days. We have Days, weeks;etc
She is my good luck charm
My dad was very serious when he punished me
These answers are simple
I will see you after today