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6th Grade Science: Section 2.7-2.8

Cements itself to an object and builds a hard shell around itself
A sand colored crab that burrows into the sand to hide
An arthropod with a hard, crusty shell
The ability to grow back a missing part
Microscopic plants and animals
The tiniest crab
Allows crustaceans to see in any direction
A freshwater lobster that is also know as a crawfish
Means one thousand footed
A crab's sturdy shell
To shed a covering
A crustacean with a broad, flat body and two large pincers
A millipede's weapon of defense that release a poisonous substance
Leglike limbs that help lobsters to move
Means one-hundred footed
A wood louse that rolls itself into a ball whenever it senses danger
A type of shrimp that can grow up to ten inches in length
Small shrimp-like animals that are a favorite of blue whales