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ART 2020 Cyanide Team 2

ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) Ceiling _____ for Hydrogen Cyanide is 4.7 parts per Million.
Response for hydrogen cyanide release second Alarm: Audible/Visual Alarms at 10.0ppm HCN ___________ evacuates the area. Place barriers to prevent entry into the area. The Emergency Response Team will be dispatched.
Sodium cyanide at pH >11.5 is ___________ at room temperature (70 degrees F).
Cyanide is highly toxic by exposure via ___________ through eating or drinking.
Exposure of fifty parts per million is ___________ dangerous to life and health.
Solid Sodium Cyanide is ___________ when dry.
Other cyanide overexposure symptom include: Headache, Weakness in limbs, Nausea, confusion, collapse, convulsion, respiratory _________
Sodium cyanide at pH of _________% will convert 100% of cyanide content to Hydrogen cyanide.
OSHA Permissible Exposure limit (PEL) for Sodium Cyanide is _____ mg per cubic meter of air over an 8-hour period.
____________ asphyxiation inhibits the body’s ability to use oxygen.
Only an ___________ EMT can administer the cyanide antidote kit.
Liquid Sodium Cyanide is colorless to ___________ in color.
While working around sodium cyanide us proper PPE and good personal ___________.
PPE required for industrial off-loading a cyanide truck include a 2-piece chemical suit, ________ boots, high cuff rubber gloves, face shield & chemical goggles. (
Sodium Cyanide has a faint odor of bitter almonds or ammonia when exposed to ___________.
Sodium cyanide is _______ to fish and marine life.