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The American Revolution

The night that Washington surprised the enemy at Trenton
The first state to raise an all African American Regiment
Who Wrote "The Crisis"
Leader of the Colonial Army
Another word for Loyalist
Keeping things from entering a leaving places
Key part of the Patriot Forces
The British General who surrendered at Yorktown
A privately owned merchant ship outfitted with weapons
The final battle of the War
Hired Soldiers
Americans who remained neutral during the war
Nathan ___ - Spy of The Battle of Long Island
The 3rd President
A key British advantage
A Colonial Leader who predicted "we shall have a long and bloody war to go through"
More money to buy the same goods
The Hill that the Colonists ran out of ammunition on
Another word for the English Military
The country colonists were fighting
The place the colonists stayed in the winter
Name of River separating Pennsylvania and New Jersey
Also known as Continentals or Rebels
The turning point in the War