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Physical Science U3A

a blue coloring matter obtained from certain plants
a chemical species that releases hydroxide ions
a negative ion composed of a covalently bonded oxygen and hydrogen, (OH-)
change of state from a gas to a liquid at the condensation point of a substance
the splitting of a nucleus into two smaller nuclei whose combined mass is less than that of the original nucleus
to eat away, break down, or become disordered
change of state from a liquid to a solid at the freezing point of a substance
change of state from a solid to a liquid at the melting point of a substance
matter with no definite shape but with definite volume
a compound that yields hydronium ions in water
the number written in front of a chemical symbol in an equation
a charged atom or group of atoms
the positive ion that results when a hydrogen ion is bonded to a water molecule (H3O+)
a substance used to show a change in chemical conditions
the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of liquid water from 14.5°C to 15.5°C
the joining of two small nuclei to form one nucleus with a larger mass than the combined mass of the original nuclei
one of two or more atoms of the same element with different masses due to different numbers of neutrons
matter with no definite shape or volume