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Physical Science U3B

chemical compound formed when the negative ions from an acid combine with the positive ions of a base
change of state from a liquid to a gas at the boiling point of a substance
a measure of the kinetic energy of the particles of a substance
eight electrons in the valence energy level of an atom
a white powder used in testing acids and bases
having no preference or tendency to move one way or the other; neither acid nor base
the smallest particle of a covalently bonded substance
matter in a high-energy state in which electrons are separated from their nuclei
the change of one chemical element into another by nuclear decay or radioactive bombardment
the starting material in a chemical reaction
the insoluble solid formed when the solutes dissolved in two solutions react
the scale that indicates the hydronium ion concentration
a molecule with an uneven distribution of charge due to unequal sharing of electrons during bonding
a molecule with no internal charge variation due to bonding
the quantity of a solute that will dissolve in a given quantity of solvent to form a saturated solution at a given temperature
the substance made in a chemical reaction
matter with definite shape and volume