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Science Cross Word Puzzle

Obtain energy by breaking down dead plants and animals
Only consumes plant material
An animal that is hunted
Large group of unicellular microorganisms
Organisms which synthesize organic molecules
Organisms that find and eat dead animals
Energy derived from the sun
First Trophic level in a food web
Water collects as droplets on a cold surface
An individual animal, plant, or single celled life form
What makes there own food using the sun
Only eat, hunt, and kill other animals for food
Eats both plants and animals
What finds their own food from plants or other animals
Rain, sleet or snow on the ground
Biological community of interacting organisms
Circulation between the earth's and oceans
A hierarchical series of organisms
Practical activity encompassing the systematic study
Natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism
Series of events
Eats plants or other animals