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Science SOL Review

Teacher: Collins
Scientific name for NACL
A magnet that works by using electricity
The frequency of a vibrating object
When you combine two or more of these you get a compound
Scientists use this to identify rocks, minerals, and organisms
The measure of how deep the ocean is
A tentative explanation based on background knowledge and data
Boundary between air masses of different temperature and humidity
A sound is produced by __________ molecules
An educated prediction about what will happen in an experiment
An organelle in cells that controls what comes in or goes out
A type of circuit with two or more pathways
The job of an organism in a community
Measure of the amount of salt in water
Some plants reproduce by seeds but others, such as ferns and mosses, reproduce by _________.
Process of plants making food
Layer of the Earth made of solid iron and nickel
The symbol "K" represents this element
A motion of the ocean that is like an underwater highway
A physical change that helps an animal or plant survive
Number of wavelengths in a given amount of time
All matter is made up of _______.
Free-floating organisms that live in water; can be animal or plant-like
Data that can be measured and recorded using numbers
Process where pollen is transferred from the stamens to the stigma
Type of rock made from compacted and cemented sediments
Animals without a backbone
Smallest part of a compound
Scientists study these to determine the age and make-up of the Earth
Plants with special tube-like tissues that allow water to flow to other parts of the plant
Energy of motion