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Partial or complete inability to hear
Number of waves that pass a given point in a given time period
Two eared cue to localize sound
Lowest point of a wave
Sensory cell for the olfactory system
Cue that requires only one eye
Colored portion of the eye
Temperature perception
Slightly different view of the world that each eye receives
Middle ear ossicle or stirrup
Sounds purity
Transparent covering over the eye
Small opening in the eye through which light passes
Sensory signal indicating potential harm and maybe pain
Auditory receptor cell of the inner ear
Small indentation in the retina that contains cones
Length of a wave from one peak to the next peak
Middle ear ossicle or anvil
Spinning sensation
Middle ear ossicle or hammer
Cue that relies on the use of both eyes
Deafness from birth
Ability to discriminate among different figures and shapes
Perception of the body movement through space
Also crest, highest point of wave
Carries visual information from the retina to the brain
Logarithmic unit of sound intensity
Height of weight
Light sensitive lining of the eye
Cycles per second; measure of frequency