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Grade 6 Geography Chapter 3, Sections 3 & 4

Only use pencil & all capital letters.
Planting the same crop over & over so that soil is robbed of its fertility.
Decayed plant or animal matter
The land, water, climate, plants, and animals in an area
Energy produced by splitting atoms.
An example of an ecosystem
Heat from the sun
An event that can cause an environment to change
Resources that cannot be replaced (two words)
A group of plants and animals that depend on each other for survival and the environment in which they live
Clearing of trees
Power production of electricity from waterpower
Energy resources that will not run out.
A tree is cut down and a new one grows in its place.
The place where a plant or animal lives
Coal, petroleum, and natural gases (two words)
Air, water, soils, forests & minerals are examples of ________. (two words)
The effects of a particular event or events
Periods when little rain falls and crops are damaged
Cleanest-burning fuel
Planting trees to replace lost forestland
Burning oil-based fuels can _______ the air and land.
Energy source to power windmills
No longer here; a species that has died out has become ______ .
Resources of metals, salt, rocks, and gemstones