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Soil Crossword

Planting made up of one or more rows of trees or shrubs in a manner to shelter from the wind
The fourth soil horizon
The second layer of soil horizons
A finely grained natural rock or soil material that combines with one or more clay minerals
Consists of A, B and C horizons
Holding to traditional attitudes and values in relation to politics or religion
When you experiment with different types of soils.
What plants grow in
Sand Stone rock that has been broken down but not eroded
Allowing liquids or gases to pass through it
How you classify the different types of soils
The sixth soil horizon
A leveled paved are such as a patio
The fifth soil horizon where tree roots stop growing
The different layers of the soils
Fine sand, clay or other material carried by running water and deposited as a sediment
Replant plants in the same spot every season
The top layer of soil horizons
When soil starts sucking nutrients out of dead originally living objects.
The third layer of soil horizons
Dead plants that are decomposed into the soil
Humus is absorbed in soil layers
Volume of soil voids that can be filled by water and or air.
When something is broken down by the force of nature
Very bottom of the soil horizons consisting of different rocks
A fertile soil of clay and sand containing humus