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Perspective relating to repressed memories and the unconscious
The examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes
Perspective relating to society and cultural norms
Type of research to further the overall knowledge on a subject
Approach of psychology combining aspects of biology, psychoanalytics, and society
Perspective relating to genes, neurotransmitters, and hormones
Teacher of Aristotle who believed mind and body were separate
Anything an organism does
How mental and behavioral processes FUNCTION
Uses introspection to explore different parts of the mind
Research method where several variables are manipulated
Type of assignment where participant is put into the control or experimental group in an unbiased manner
Accurately represents a population
Perspective relating to natural selection
The ability of a experiment to be repeated
Creator of functionalism
A testable prediction
Teacher of Plato and believed knowledge was innate
The belief that everyone agrees with you
A type of bias where an individual believes they had foreseen an event
Assists people with living and could be related to school or marriage
Explanation using observations and knowledge. Similar to a hypothesis
Created the first psych lab
Science relies on knowledge, experimentation, and observations
Type of research used to solve a problem
_____ definition which defines research variables
Type of variable where it is controlled by the researcher
An accurate sample of this is needed for an accurate survey
Creator of structuralism and introspection